Ando is a wise woman.
Joshua Millburn

“Arigato Ando for your always empowering words.”
Dustin Heerkens

Sage advice.
Jorge Ledesma

Luis Yucatan Wolfman

“Wise, insightful and giving. She will allow you to find your true self, in an atmosphere of focused endeavour.”
Julian Summerhayes

Your words over the years have been a spiritual beacon in a mass of digital clutter.
S V Macias

Ando, having just discovered your work, I have been instantly captivated. Thank you for your effort.
– Jaimi Pike

Always intelligent and thought provoking.
Dan Goodwin

Inspires me with her creativity, generosity and energy.
Michael Nobbs

Simple, hope-filled, beautiful…”
– Dan Goodwin

Great to have your voice!
James Shelley

Well said!
Ross Hill

Wise words from Ando Perez.
Joshua Millburn

Words to live by.“ 
Catherine Buca

A wealth of wisdom and knowledge.”
Michael Ashcroft

A very special talent, a fantastic way with words.
– Martin Wood

A beautiful way to express words.
– Amy Nelson

Each day is a lovely surprise.
Mavis Negroni

I love it when Ando tweets haikus.
Aaron Straka

I cant wait to read more.
– Martin Wood

So good, so thoughtful. Much admiration.
Lisa Baldwin

I feel joy when I see ‘Ando Perez’ in my inbox.
Haiku Andy

– Dan Goodwin

A creative powerhouse. Original and innovative. Technically profound.
Elena Ray

Enjoying Ando Perez’s ‘little creative nudges’. So cool!”
Melissa Dinwiddie

Love Ando’s style of writing.
Todd Beltz

Ando, I find a lot of value in what you do, in what you contribute, in your perspective.
– Joshua Millburn

This is one of the most moving things I have read today And there were many.
– Jaimi Pike

With simple but wise posts Ando showed me a powerful side of Zen Buddhism. One that I was looking for.
– Alejandro Reyes

“Ando, the space between the pixels.”
– Dustin Heerkens