“Ando – wise, insightful and giving. She will allow you to find your true self, in an atmosphere of focused endeavour.” – Julian Summerhayes

Ando means peaceful way in Japanese. It’s my Zen name, I am lay-ordained.

An independent zen teacher, mentorwriter and poet, I teach and write on zen, self-inquiry, non-duality, freedom, truth, awakening, awareness, meditation, mindfulness, simplicity, minimalism, haiku and poetry. My teaching methods are informed by these same principles, based on personal experience, from practice and training with enlightened masters of a number of wisdom traditions.

Don’t view me as a teacher, or a guru, I am not these, although I do sometimes teach. See me as a friend, holding out a hand to you, pointing the way.

Ask me your burning question around the campfire, in a zen mentoring session, a zen letter, or at a zen event with me.

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